the upcycling process

how we find our materials:

This is an example of a thrifted lambswool sweater that was chosen to be upcycled for the shop. It had a few minor holes, but was in otherwise amazing condition. Some folks would choose to mend the holes up using a similar colour of yarn, or use an intricate embroidery design to cover them up. But alas, it ended up in a thrift store just waiting to be snatched up and repurposed.

  • Taking apart the seams

    Each seam is carefully removed by snipping the ends and undoing the sweater in the same way that it was made. The yarn from seams is sometimes used to attach tags to the finished products.

  • Ready to be unraveled

    Once the sweater pieces are all detached, they are ready to be unraveled using a yarn ball winder. As the fabric is taken apart, any ripped or stained pieces are removed.

  • Upcycled yarn

    Now we are left with ready-to-use upcycled yarn cakes! The strands can then either be knit or crocheted on their own or held double or even triple at a time for a thicker finished material.

the finished piece:

This lambswool sweater was washed, unraveled, respun, and then knit into this classic twisted headband called "the audrey". Each piece receives a lot of care from the beginning of the upcycling process all the way to the finished product. Check out more of our wearable upcycles in the shop!

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