the upcycling process

the secret to sustainability:

how we close the loop

waste led design

all of our designs are inspired by discarded or donated textiles - where there is waste, we find a way to use it!

trash can be beautiful

hear us out! the textiles we use may be discarded, but they are thoroughly washed, taken apart by hand, and then reused in our products

we save our scraps

almost every piece of unused material is repurposed again into new items. for example, our catnip toys are stuffed with yarn scraps from our apparel designs!

the bigger picture

by repurposing textiles that have already been manufactured, we can lower the demand for new materials to be produced.


    we thrift shop, accept donations from the public, and use our own discarded materials in the production of new pieces.


    next, we take each piece apart by hand, wash it, and re-spool it into usable fibres.


    the repurposed yarn serves as inspiration for new creations like this stripey toque.

even our waste is not wasted

check out our collection of catnip toys, which was created out of a need to use up yarn scraps from our apparel line!