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  • The grey upcycled nor'easter neck warmer laying flat against greying wooden boards. You can clearly see the interwoven look of the herringbone stitch and the light but fuzzy material of this grey yarn.
  • Pam wearing the white wool nor'easter neck warmer and the cashmere toque paired with a dark green button-down shirt. She has her hair all tucked into the buff and it is pulled up above her chin, while the bottom disappears into the plaid shirt.
  • The white nor'easter neck warmer laying flat against greying wooden boards.
  • Pam wearing the grey nor'easter neck warmer paired with the cashmere toque and smiling, looking off to the left of the camera. The upcycled buff looks thin but cozy and woolen.
  • Pam wearing the grey nor'easter paired with the cashmere toque, dark green plaid shirt and cream knit sweater underneath. She is standing in the forest and posing for the camera.
  • Up close shot of the grey ramie/acrylic/angora yarn and the stitches of this neck warmer.
  • Pam is wearing the white nor'easter and cashmere toque, and looking up towards her hand which is reaching up to touch a pine tree in the forest.
  • Up close shot of the white nor'easter herringbone stitches.
  • The sage coloured nor'easter neck warmer on Pam. She is looking off into the distance and tucking her hair behind her ear.
  • The sage nor'easter neckwarmer laying against greying wooden boards. You can see that this neckwarmer is a bit thicker and stiffer than the other wooly options.
  • Up close shot of the sage nor'easter stitches.
  • Up close shot of the rust coloured nor'easter around Pams neck. This time the buff is scrunched up a bit more and the top curls down to give more space around the chin area.
  • Up close shot of the rust coloured nor'easter laying flat, with some dried grasses and driftwood beside. You can see the herringbone pattern and slightly curled up edge.
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maritime moose

the nor'easter

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A soft and cozy neck warmer to keep you toasty all winter long. The nor'easter is handmade using the herringbone stitch which is both beautiful and functional. Throw it in your backpack for that chilly hiking trip or stash it in your purse or pocket for a trip downtown.


Available in white (100% wool), grey (55% ramie, 25% nylon, 20% angora), sage (100% acrylic), and rust (35% wool, 65% acrylic).

This product is made using 100% upcycled yarn. We source our materials from local thrift stores, where we carefully select gently used knitwear with holes, stains, or rips. The sweaters are each washed, unraveled by hand, and respun into spools of yarn to be used in future products.

By purchasing items made using repurposed materials, you are participating in a circular economy! Making use of existing materials and products for as long as possible before producing new ones is truly one of our favourite sustainability practices.

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The softest- perfect for cold-weather adventures!

I was SO excited to get this in the mail! The Nor'easter is exactly as pictured and described. The merino wool is sooo soft; I sometimes find wool itchy but don't have that problem at all with my nor'easter. And I love that Pam's products are upcycled from thrifted items- how neat is that??