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  • A salt of the earth produce bag size large holding avocado, kiwis, lemon, and mango. The holes in the sides of the bag stretch to hold the fruit inside.
  • Small produce bag partially open with a lime coming out the top, two limes, a lemon, and a piece of driftwood laying beside the bag.
  • A salt of the earth produce bag size small holding some kiwis. The bag is sitting on the floor with the top folded over, revealing the fruit inside.
  • A salt of the earth produce bag size large holding various fruit. Picture shows stretchy holes in the bag and thick knitted rim around the opening where the two handles are attached.
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maritime moose

salt of the earth

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The ultimate swap for plastic produce bags. These long-lasting, reusable alternatives are made from 100% cotton and are stretchy enough to fit all your fruits and vegetables at the grocery store!

Available in a size small (great for beans, fresh herbs, lemons/limes, etc) or a size large that can stretch to fit pretty much anything in the produce section. Meant to be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again for years to come.


This product is made using 100% upcycled cotton. We source our materials from local thrift stores, where we carefully select gently used knitwear with holes, stains, or rips. The sweaters are each washed, unraveled by hand, and respun into spools of yarn to be used in future products.

By purchasing items made using repurposed materials, you are participating in a circular economy! Making use of existing materials and products for as long as possible before producing new ones is truly one of our favourite sustainability practices.


[Please note that items may vary slightly in colour and appearance as each piece is made using various upcycled materials.]