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mop sock

mop sock

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This cotton mop sock is made to fit traditional Swiffers for the ease of mopping without all the waste! Crochet cotton ridges make up the bottom of the mop sock and the wrap-around design hugs the Swiffer head tightly even when wet. Machine wash and dry and then it's ready for another round of cleaning! Mop sock will be made of a dark neutral cotton and varies in colour depending what’s in stock for upcycled materials at the time of purchase. 


This product is made using 100% upcycled cotton. We source our materials from local thrift stores, where we carefully select gently used knitwear with holes, stains, or rips. The sweaters are each washed, unraveled by hand, and respun into spools of yarn to be used in future products.

By purchasing items made using repurposed materials, you are participating in a circular economy! Making use of existing materials and products for as long as possible before producing new ones is truly one of our favourite sustainability practices.

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