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  • Up close view of the simple knitted texture throughout the cashmere bandana. This neck scarf or neckerchief is a light beige colour and the material is quite soft and thing, although it is worn folded over double so the finished triangle is quite warm and squishy.
  • Pam modelling the cashmere bandana paired with matching cashmere toque, a dark green plaid shacket, and white knitted sweater underneath. The upcycled neck scarf drapes beautifully and falls in a short triangle against her chest.
  • The bandana folded, laying flat against greying wooden boards. The cashmere looks soft and is a light beige colour.
  • Pam is modelling the cashmere beanie and tying the two ends of the cashmere bandana behind her neck.
  • Pam again wearing the cashmere bandana and matching beanie together. The top edge of the bandana is where the square is folded in half, creating a soft and cozy knit texture against the skin of the face and neck.
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maritime moose

cashmere bandana

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This is the softest bandana you will ever wear. Made from a beautiful beige fine cashmere wool, this medium sized knit square is meant to be folded as a triangle and tied behind the neck. Stay warm without sacrificing comfort or style. 


This product is made using 100% upcycled cashmere. We source our materials from local thrift stores, where we carefully select gently used knitwear with holes, stains, or rips. The sweaters get washed, unraveled by hand, and respun into spools of yarn to be used in future products.

By purchasing items made using repurposed materials, you are participating in a circular economy! Making use of existing materials before producing new ones is truly one of our favourite sustainability practices here at maritime moose.